Nothing of Further Significance to Repor

The ceaseless manhunt for Boudreaux and his man-love-slave Bill/Paul has turned up nothing.

Well, nothing along Alabama State route 41 in the vicinity of the budding metropolis of East Brewton, at any rate.

There was a possible primer colored 77 Torino sighting near Evergreen, however, it was later determined to be a 74 Torino, so, no luck.

It is possible that the fugitives eluded detection due to cover of darkness. Possible, but not likely. Employing the finest state of the art windshield cleaning technologies, the various insectoidal detrius that routinely accumulates on the windshield of a vehicle operated for any period of time at speeds at or above 70 MPH in LA (Lower Alabama) was kept to an absolute minimum, thus enhancing visual acuity.

And I'm pretty sure they didn't slip through the dragnet like deployment of at least 37 police cars arranged in various speed trap like formations within the first three miles of crossing the Shelby/Jefferson county border on I-65 North at around 1:45am.

What? Were there no Krispy Kremes to be eaten?

Only one course of action remains. Carry the search to Atlanta, and onward up the I-85 corridor. It will be a grueling day.