Summertime Blues

Well, it's that time of year - 90 degree days, lemonade (with vodka), sunshine, beaches, bad romance novels, hotdogs, baseball, strawberry picking, corn on the cob, sunburn, and of course...boob sweat. Ah, the dreaded boob sweat. Once again us guys lucked out. No periods and no boob sweat. Of course, with no boob sweat comes no boobs. That's a bummer. But I'm getting off the subject.

Since guys don't know much about boob sweat which I'm gathering is a lot like ball sweat, I'm asking the ladies for their best boob sweat stories. Why they were sweaty? How sweaty were they? Were they so sweaty it resulted in a wet tee-shirt? Was your boob sweat embarrasing? Was it visible? Did people stare at you? Did you have to slap them? Does boob sweat sometimes feel good? Or is it always irritating and uncomfortable? How much does your boobs sweat? Are you a heavy or light sweater? Does your boob sweat smell? If so, like what? These are the things I want to know about in great detail. I will post all your good boob sweat stories.

Boob sweat is a phenomenon that has gone on for far too long. If we don't talk about it, we can never come to grips with it. That's why I am starting this forum so we can once and for all gain an understanding of boob sweat and the trauma and isolation it causes. Not mention that itchy sensation in that under-the-boob area which I call the Boob Cave.

Please ladies - do it for science.